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  • Vet Therapy Dog Shot By Neighbor for Scaring Turkeys

    Mary Farr and Josh Fonzi have only lived in Sherwood for a week before their neighbor, 66 year old Marvin Masayuki Abe, shot their Sonny, a 15-month-old German Shepard, who is a therapy dog for Josh Fonzi, an Iraq war veteran. Abe claimed the dog was on his property scaring his turkeys. The dogs weren’t in the...

  • Metro’s Dog Ban- Good or Bad?

    By Robert Hudson In 1995 and again in 2006 Metro proposed two bond measures to acquire land for future parks. This was widely supported by Portlanders, but what was never disclosed  to the public was Metro’s plans to make all the parks prohibited to dog owners even though the trails on the purchased lands has...

  • Hannah Rent a Dog Gets a Black Eye

    by Robert Hudson   If you live in Oregon, and particularly around greater Portland, chances are you have heard about Hannah the Pet Society, an organization that leases pets and includes healthcare and diet.  Since the company’s beginnings it has been in the cross hairs of pet welfare activists that cringe at the very idea...

  • Kids & Dogs-Should being deemed “not good with kids”  be a death sentence?

    By Candace Bailey   Hopefully over the coming weeks and months, we’ll get to know each other here – me, the fledgling blogger, and you, the audience and fans of OregonDogLife.com. To that end, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.   In addition to having six dogs, my husband Bill and...