Oregon Man Investigated After Photo of Zip Tied Puppy


by Robert Hudson

This picture was posted on an animal rights activist page on Facebook called Exposed on Wednesday,  February 17th along with a picture of the kid who took and posted it on Snapchat and was identified as Matt McMichael living in Eugene.

This prompted the followers of the page to go on the war path writing emails and calling the 911 emergency number.  Most if not all the complaints were from outside the state and all over the country. According to Eugene spokesperson Melinda Mclaughlin they received just under 50 phone calls, (an unwanted distraction from the emergency calls), and 83 Facebook messages.

A city animal welfare officer went to investigate and discovered McMichael no longer lives in Eugene and moved to the next county over in southern Oregon. Eugene then forwarded the case to the Linn County Sherriff’s office.

Linn County Undersheriff Jim Yon said McMichael lives in Harrisburg, and that a follow-up investigation is underway.

According to Yon the initial investigation did not reveal any evidence that a crime had been committed, but added he had not yet see the posted photos. He emphasized that the investigation is continuing and charges are still possible.

The Facebook page “Exposed” is still fanning the flames and the discussion there is calling for vigilante justice including murder, threats of violence, and flooding McMichael’s employer with phone calls in an effort to get him fired from his job, and asking people not to give up and flood the Sherriff’s office with phone calls. There have even been calls to go after McMichael’s girlfriend. The page also claims that McMichael was told by the Sherriff’s office to simply watch what he posts on the internet. I have not been able to confirm that as fact from anywhere. The page did get a huge upsurge in followers after they posted the photos on Wednesday.