Book Review- Thanks for Picking up my Poop

Thanks for Picking Up My Poop Book Cover Thanks for Picking Up My Poop
Ulysses Press, Mark Rogers,
Ulysses Press

Adorable dogs paired with the hilarious, heartwarming reasons they love their weird-looking, fur-less human companions People will do anything for their animal companions. And why not? They are the unconditional friend, faithful companion, and furry joy that brightens every day. Any dog-lover will proudly proclaim how much of their happiness they owe to little Spot, Rex, or Princess. But what is it that these canine companions feel about their bipedal roommates? Featuring 50 full-color, aww-inspiring pictures of precious pooches,Thanks for Picking Up My Poop bridges our mammalian language barriers to present the humorous, heartfelt, and downright wonderful reasons that furry friends stay so dedicated to their human hosts. Each page presents a poem, story, or smidgen of gratitude that those cute canines would say if they only could. Best of all, pet photographer Mark Rogers perfectly encapsulates each animal's words of gratitude with adorable original photography. The full-color, paper-over-board collection makes for the perfect gift for any dog lover.