Dress Your Pet for Success


by Jessie Miller

Dress Your Pet for Success

Our pets may not care what they wear or if their leashes match the collar, but many of us fashionable pet parents do.  In the winter months we dress our canines in cute sweaters and jackets and in summer, we affix them with shades and sporty beach wear.  Our pets are a part of our lives, and we love to pamper them any chance we can in irresistible fun ways.

A popular new business is making that fashion statement easy and fun.  In addition to picking excellent styles, they have also kept the environment and compassion care in mind when creating the designs for our favorite pups and kitties.  FriendshipCollar is a new concept that combines a collar for your pet with a matching bracelet for you.  The collars are made out of vegan leather that is “durable and most importantly animal-friendly.”

Have you ever seen someone dress their pet in an outfit to match theirs?  Did you think they were crazy?  How about dressing your beloved companion for the holidays; Halloween, Christmas, or Easter?  Whatever brings you joy and allows you to spend that little extra time with your fur kid, do it.  Having fun and being creative is time spent bonding with your animal.  Pets are meant to bring joy and love into our life and accessorize with fashion for them is just one way we can invest in them.  Pet Smart has a great article on do-it-yourself ideas for designing simple and amusing costumes for your pet.  One thing to keep in mind when dressing our pets is safety.

Don’t Harm Your Pet

Choosing fashion and costumes that don’t hurt your pet are very important for their health and well-being.  Never hinder their ability to see or walk.  Pets are clumsy at times and with added difficulty from clothing or bling, it raises the risk of injury.  Be sure to give your pet enough clearance that they can go potty without a problem along with ease in drinking and eating.  If your pet is fearful of big clunky things draped over them, be sure not to push your pets trust.  A fearful animal could react in ways out of normal character. Dressing your sweet babies should fun and enjoyable for all.  If you keep these precautions in alignment with fashionable taste, you will be sure to have loads of fun dressing your pet for runway success.  See you on the red carpet!


Jessie Miller is an avid animal advocate who loves to write and educate. She runs a nonprofit, EPIC Animals Outreach, which focuses on humane education outreach teaching compassion for people, animals, and the environment. As an HSUS District Leader and a Feral Friend Network partner for Alley Cat Allies, Jessie is on the cutting edge of progressive change for the betterment of people and animals in our communities. Jessie lives in Florida where she spends her time at the beach, running, writing, reading, and with her rescued animals; 4 dogs, 5 cats, and a rat. Please visit www.epicanimals.org. You can also read more about her writing at www.myepicwriting.com and on Examiner.com as the Jacksonville, FL Pet’s Examiner Writer.

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