Make a difference in a dog’s life: Volunteer at your local shelter

Celebrate Easter by making a difference in the lives of our four legged friends

by Jessie Miller

Almost every city in the country has a shelter or rescue group looking to save lives.  Those groups and organizations rely on volunteers to help them do what they do every day.  They need volunteers to help them achieve lifesaving work.   You can help save lives by volunteering your time or fostering.  Walking dogs is so rewarding for the physical and mental stability of the dogs.  There is nothing like getting a dog out into the fresh air and seeing that pup’s energy explode as they soak up the sun and stretch their legs.  Can you foster and give a homeless dog a break from the shelter?  Fostering helps get those long term fur kids additional exposure as you network them with friends, family, and colleagues.  Two local shelters looking for volunteers are Paws Animal Shelter and the Oregon Humane Society.

Paws Animal Shelter is “The Little Shelter with a Big Heart.”  They need volunteers and foster homes to continue to provide a positive impact on animal’s lives.  Take a moment to check them out and offer support.

The Oregon Humane Society (OHS) has a tagline that reads “End Petlessness. There’s a Furry Soulmate for Everyone.”  They encourage people to Adopt, Donate, or Get Involved on the home page of their website.  The OHS is a nonprofit shelter and so far in 2016, they have successfully adopted over 1900 animals.  WOW, that is an abundance of love.  They have a goal of 11,000 adoptions for 2016.  Just think of how many lives you can impact by volunteering to help the OHS to meet this incredible goal.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be an overwhelming commitment.  An hour or two once or twice a week will benefit any shelter or rescue group.  Of course, if you donate more no one will turn you away.  Don’t complicate it.  The ways to help out are endless and can utilize every person’s skill set.  Do you like to walk dogs?  Are you good at paperwork? Maybe organization is your gift?  Do you like to clean or bath dogs?  How about photography? Whatever you can give take the time and offer your talents by volunteering.  Volunteering is rewarding not only for the animals, the rescue workers but also for your own mental and physical wellbeing.


Jessie Miller is an avid animal advocate who loves to write and educate. She runs a nonprofit, EPIC Animals Outreach, which focuses on humane education outreach teaching compassion for people, animals, and the environment. As an HSUS District Leader and a Feral Friend Network partner for Alley Cat Allies, Jessie is on the cutting edge of progressive change for the betterment of people and animals in our communities. Jessie lives in Florida where she spends her time at the beach, running, writing, reading, and with her rescued animals; 4 dogs, 5 cats, and a rat. Please visit You can also read more about her writing at and on as the Jacksonville, FL Pet’s Examiner Writer.

Twitter: @epicanimals2015