Time to dash! Doggie Dash that is…

by Candace Bailey

If you’re an animal lover in Portland, you can’t have missed the social/media blitz going on to get the word out that there’s still time to register for the 2016 Doggie Dash! Taking place on Saturday, May 14, it’s sure to be a tail-wagging good time!

Register before April 29 and you can save $5.00 off the registration fee.

You have options!

When you register you’ll have the chance to either join an existing team, create a new team, sign up as an individual, or register as a Cat Napper!

Start a team: thinking up a great team name, get organized, and convince your friends and family to pitch in with you! Plan on matching t-shirt or tutus to be worn while Dashing, raise your monies, and you’re in business!

Join a team: by joining an existing team, you pitch in your efforts with others on the team to meet or exceed the team fundraising goal!

Be an individual: pretty straight forward here! Ask your network of awesome people to support your efforts by donating on your individual page.

Cat Napper: for those of us who enjoy a good late-morning snooze. Cat Nappers can register for FREE for Doggie Dash, with no intention of crawling out from under the covers of their warm comfy bed to go plodding along the Waterfront with thousands of other two-leggers and four-leggers. Really. They just want to have a fundraising page set up because they know that funds raised via the Doggie Dash also go to help Cats!

Donate! If you’re not able to register and/or fundraise, you can still contribute! There are hundreds (dare I say thousands?) of people registered and raising money for this great event. You can donate any amount to any of these worthy fundraisers – even $1.00 helps!
Maybe you have someone specific in mind. Maybe you want to see who is out there looking for donations. Maybe you just want to give some money, stop with all the madness! Ahem… find out how to donate here:

Ok, you’ve registered and raised some funds. Now what??

Everyone loves swag, right?! When you register for the Doggie Dash, you are positively reinforced with the following:
Pancake breakfast!
Free drink! (21+)!
Doggie Dash Tote!

There are other goodies you can earn by raking in that cash for a cause:

Kick start your own fundraising by donating $15 for the always stylish Doggie Dash t-shirt.

The more money you raise, the greater the prizes, up to and including either an iPad Air or a two-night stay at a pet-friendly property in Sunriver, OR!


Doggie Dash day is one of the few times TriMet allows dogs to take public transportation with their humans, so take advantage of that fact and Max into downtown and avoid trying to find parking nearby.

The whole event really is a festival. A large section of the waterfront park is dedicated to this event, and canopies line both sides of the park with loads of vendors catering to pets and their every need. You and your pooch can stroll along, get your picture taken, enter pooch-related contests, pick up freebies to fill your tote bag and tempt your four-legged date with a wide variety of toys, gear, and treats.

Plenty of water stations and volunteers are at the festival and on the course, providing support as you Dash your way to victory… or at least to a full swag bag.

— Candace Bailey juggles working full time at a desk with devoting as much free time as possible to animal welfare and her own herd of pups. Candace is an active volunteer for the Oregon Humane Society, where she is involved in a myriad of programs. Married to Bill, they have six dogs at home, affectionately referred to as The Littles.