How to Be the Best Possible Pet Parent


By Christina Russell, President of Camp Bow Wow


  • Educate children on how to interact with your dog properly – If you have children, teach them the proper way to interact with your dog. Most bites occur with kids under 12 years old, but education is the best form of prevention. Educating yourself, as well as your kids, on the best ways to approach their four-legged family member is a must. You’ll ensure you’re the best parent and pet parent around.


    • Socialize your dog – Socializing your dog can have a tremendous effect on their development and interactions at home. Newly socialized dogs become calmer, friendly, affectionate, and can adapt better to a new environment. Camp Bow Wow also offers group training classes through its Behavior Buddies program. Training classes are held at Camp Bow Wow locations nationwide.


    • Exercise your pup – Dogs that don’t receive enough exercise can resort to bad behaviors like chewing, digging and barking. Make sure your dog gets a brisk 30-minute walk a day to get their energy out and keep them healthy. Plus, a walk gives you another way to bond with your pup.


    • Give your pet lots of love and attention – Dogs love their humans and crave your quality time/attention. Leaving a dog in the back yard or alone for extended periods of time is not healthy for them. If you work long hours, hire a dog walker to get your dog out during the day for some exercise and companionship.


    • Sign your dog up for a training class – By teaching your dog commands, it will help you learn how to tell your dog what you want and don’t want them to do in your household. It is important to create a bond with you and your dog, as well as learn how to communicate with your dog. Camp Bow Wow understands the benefits of social interaction and exercise, and offers private training classes in the comfort of your home through its Behavior Buddies program for pets.


    • Research local veterinarians and schedule an appointment – Find a veterinarian and get your pup a check-up every six months. Preventative care will keep your dog happier, healthier and will help keep medical costs down.


  • Learn to decode your dog’s language – Learn to decipher between aggression and overstimulation: If a dog feels threatened, they will often try to flee the situation first, but if they can’t get away, they may growl, bare their teeth, bark, and standing up on their toes with their ears and tail raised to make themselves look bigger. Dilated pupils don’t necessarily mean “aggression;” they can also mean overstimulation, which is common in puppies and often seen before they pounce, even in play.  Overstimulation, in the form of fear, anxiety, excitement, surprise or arousal, can also cause puppies to experience piloerection (the raising of the hair over their back and down to their tail – also known as hackles).


About Camp Bow Wow®

In 15 years, Camp Bow Wow, the premier pet care franchise, has grown to include over 152 locations across North America, becoming a $93 million brand. In 2016, the company was ranked 204 out of 500 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list. The Camp concept provides the highest levels of fun, safety and service for its Campers, and peace of mind for their parents. Dogs romp together in an open-play environment and pricing is all-inclusive.  Since the Broomfield, Colorado-based company started franchising in 2003, Camp Bow Wow has sold more than 152 franchises in 38 states, plus one in Canada, over 70% being women-owned. In August 2014, Camp Bow Wow was acquired by VCA, Inc. (NASDAQ: WOOF), a leading animal healthcare company in the United States and Canada.


The Camp Bow Wow brand family also includes:

  • Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow® – premier in-home pet care
  • Behavior Buddies® – premier dog training
  • The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to providing urgent medical care funds to dogs who are either homeless or whose parents cannot afford to pay their veterinary bills.


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