How You Are Making Your Dog Miserable On a Beautiful Day


by Robert Hudson

It is a gorgeous, sunny day with blue skies and a nice refreshing breeze. The perfect day to take your dog for a walk: a day at the park, a nice hike, or a frolic on the beach. It may not feel scorching hot, but if you walked barefoot you might not be able to take it for very long before your feet feel the burn.

Your dog’s feet are just as sensitive even if the dogs pads have callouses. Pavement, cement, rocks, and even sand at the beach absorbs and intensifies heat from the sun- even on a cloudy day! Even if the dog shows no sign of pain while playing, over a period of time the pain increases and a burn becomes much more apparent.  How you even spent time outdoors under the sun and then hours later realize you have a nasty sun burn? Same thing happens to your dog.   Sharp rocks, broken glass and other things may also injure a dogs feet.

The best way to prevent this is to put protective foot ware on your dog.  Yes, this is a real thing! Any dog- big or small may suffer without protection.  This enables you and your best buddy to still spend quality time together this Spring and Summer, safely.


The Ruffwear Grip Trex dog boots is one example of boots for dogs, but there are other lower priced alternatives available too. Have fun outdoors with your dog and enjoy the sunshine without causing discomfort for your dog.