Dog Torturer in Eugene Sentenced to Probation



20 year old Benjamin Leo Kilber was found guilty of first degree attempted aggravated animal abuse, which is a misdemeanor.   Kilber was originally charged with felony abuse, but bthe state agreed to lower the charge after hearing evidence Kilber has a developmental disability- Asperger’s syndrome, an autism-related developmental disorder.

Kilber was arrested in January after he took the family dog, an 80 pound Labrador, and dragged it along a sidewalk, forced a tube down the poor dogs throat,  and then hit the dog in the head with kitchen pans. A witness told police Kilber was laughing during the entire incident. He admitted to police he was taking out his anger on the dog.

Circuit Judge Suzanne Chanti heard facts of the case and subsequently found Kilber guilty.

Chanti imposed an agreed-upon sentence of five years’ probation and no additional jail time. Kilber served 17 days in the Lane County Jail after his arrest.

Chanti called the crime “awful” and “totally unacceptable” and said she only agreed to impose the relatively light sentence after learning Kilber’s life story.

“After hearing the story, I agree a prison sentence and a felony (conviction) wouldn’t help you,” Chanti told Kilber, who will work with Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services officials while on probation.

The dog survived the ordeal but no longer lives with Kilber’s family.

Was justice served here? Should the man’s mental disability be taken into account for his punishment?  Share your opinion here.

  • vinegart

    Developmental disorders are caused by malnutrition, especially during pregnancy. Blame should go to the criminal food industry, which processes food until there are nothing but empty calories, no nutrition left hardly at all. From my point of view, the judge is also to blame, for not seeing the truth behind this kid’s behavior. While this kid is on probation, the food industry continues to malnourish other victims. Put the judge on probation and maybe we will begin to see an improvement in our food supply. It’s wrong to blame a developmentally-disabled child for his behavior. I mean, you don’t blame the driver for vehicular homicide when a wheel falls off; you blame the car dealership for failing to tighten all of the lug nuts.

  • Crossfire

    Sadly, until the law stops treating animals as property and starts treating them as beings people will continue to get away with these crimes. This judge is a bleeding heart. He knew that he was taking whatever was bothering him out on the dog. Therefore he knew what he was doing. He deserved some form of punishment as well as counseling from someone with experience with Asperger’s to help him understand what he did was horribly wrong.