Vet Therapy Dog Shot By Neighbor for Scaring Turkeys


Courtesy of Josh Fonzi

Mary Farr and Josh Fonzi have only lived in Sherwood for a week before their neighbor, 66 year old Marvin Masayuki Abe, shot their Sonny, a 15-month-old German Shepard, who is a therapy dog for Josh Fonzi, an Iraq war veteran. Abe claimed the dog was on his property scaring his turkeys. The dogs weren’t in the turkey cage, but they were “harassing the turkeys.”

“Completely unnecessary,” Fonzi said. “I consider it attempted murder of a child. He’s like my child.”

As you can imagine, Mary and Josh are devastated, and worried Sonny will not recover. The dog is currently at Dove Lewis hospital.

“Usually when dogs come in with this extent of injuries, they don’t make it to the hospital,” said Dr. Amy Butler at Dove Lewis.

“Sonny sustained some pretty serious injuries to the soft tissue of his neck,” Butler told KOIN. “He also has some nerve damage in his neck. He had a collapsed lung related to a bullet fragment in his chest and he possibly has a concussive injury to his spinal cord.”

What kind of person can shoot their next door neighbors dog because it “scared” his pet turkeys? A puppy that had no access to the birds. Have you ever heard of turkeys dropping dead of fright from a barking dog? I have met plenty of turkey farmers who have dogs that PROTECT livestock. This moron actually complained to reporters that he has already lost 7 turkeys this year.

“I tried yelling at them and I didn’t want to lose any more birds,” Abe told KOIN 6 News.

Somehow I doubt very much if a 15 month old puppy, or any dog for that matter killed his seven turkeys. This gentleman is either going senile, has some pent up fear of dogs of his own, an unhealthy attachment for his turkeys, or other personal issues clouding his judgement.

I know in cases like this there is sometimes a cultural barrier that complicates things, but that does not appear to be an issue here either.

It is also unknown why the dog was loose and on Abe’s property in the first place. Accidents happen. Dogs get loose: but the couple has only lived there for less than two weeks, so that’s really not enough time to show a pattern of the dog running loose.

Whatever justification you come up with Mr. Abe, what you did was wrong and you should at the very least pay the dog’s medical expenses. If you do not, I really hope the family sues you.

The family has a GoFundme page to help with the vet bills.