Walk This Way: Transforming Walking Your Dog into Training Opportunity


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by Dr. Daltons

Dr. Dalton’s Tips for a Rewarding an Effective Walking Experience That Provides Behavior Enhancement


SANTA BARBARA, CA (September, 2016) – Any loving dog owner understands that walking their furry friend is both beneficial for the dog’s health and for the strength of the bond with their owner. Unfortunately for some dog owners, walking their dog can be difficult. Under these circumstances, some dog owners tend toward “aversive” collars to deal with “difficult” dogs through correction or punishment[3]. These collars suppress the unwanted behavior, but they don’t teach the dog what the proper behavior is; at best, they are unpleasant for the dog, and at worst, they may cause the dog to act aggressively and possibly even bite its owner[4]. Understanding the dog’s behavior and utilizing proper dog walking behavior is key.


Certified Dog Trainer and creator of Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats (www.drdaltons.com), Dr. Susan Dalton states, “Walking your dog should be a pleasurable experience for both you and your dog. But if your dog constantly pulls you down the street, stopping erratically to sniff bushes, chase lizards, squirrels, or birds, just to name a few, walking them can become a dreaded chore.” Furthermore, she states, “Teaching your dog proper walking skills prevents the need for punishing devices such as choke chains and prong collars and makes your walks enjoyable again.”


Walks that are enjoyable for both dog and owner are instrumental in fostering a deep, loving relationship with a pet as well as integrating key behavior training. This loving relationship with animals and dogs specifically has led to Dr. Dalton’s creation of the Em-Pet-Thetic™ training methodology; Dr. Dalton’s Em-Pet-Thetic philosophy was designed to strengthen the communication between dogs and their owners while giving them the confidence to thrive. Dr. Dalton utilizes the Em-Pet-Thetic method to develop rewarding and effective walking experiences for dogs and their owners.


In order to help dog owners have effective experiences walking their dogs, Dr. Dalton’s tips are centered around teaching the dog that they are the follower, and the owner is the leader, as well as what makes an effective leader:

  1. Leaders and Followers
  • The first thing that must be worked out is who is leading and who is following. If the dog is leading, you are experiencing pulling, frequent stops, lunging, barking etc. If you are leading your dog will match his or her pace to yours, go where you wish to go at the pace you want to set.
  • In order for your dog to properly follow you he or she must be paying attention to you and not looking out for other dogs, lizards, squirrels and such. This does not necessarily mean that your dog is beside or behind you.  An experienced dog may walk out front as long as they are not pulling and are paying attention to how
  1. Leaders Must Lead
  • The best way to teach your dog that you are the leader is to attach him or her to a long leash, 15 to 20 feet long, and then holding only the person end of the leash, walk away from your dog at a brisk manner without looking back.  If your dog does not follow, give him or her a gentle tug and say come
  • When the dog starts toward its owner, they should give encouragement such as “good dog” or “hurry up” in an excited voice, and have a doggy delicious treat ready when the dog arrives. Here I recommend Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats (drdaltons.com) to elicit the best behavior your dog is capable of.
  • After giving your dog their reward, start off again in a new direction rewarding frequently.
  • Once your dog understands what is wanted of him or her, turn it into a game of keep away by trying to get as far away from your dog as you can (to the limit of the leash) encouraging him or her to follow.
  • Give fantastically tasty treats whenever he or she catches up to you (practice rewarding your dog on the go so that you don’t stop every time he or she catches up.).
  • This exercise will teach you to walk like a leader and your dog to walk like a follower.  To keep your dog sharp, walk in erratic ways making many turns, going around things such as trees and up driveways and sidewalks.
  • Try to never be predictable


The cornerstone of a successful, reward-based approach to training proper walking behavior is a clean, tasty treat. Dr. Dalton wasn’t satisfied with the dog treat options available to her when selecting treats for her training program. She started making her own treats in 2012, using clean and simple ingredients like chicken, beef, and pork, and Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats were born. Since then, Dr. Dalton has mastered the creation of a dog treat that is both healthy and doggy-delicious.


Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats can be utilized in teaching dogs how to properly walk with their owners. Rewarding dogs with Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats can help reinforce proper behavior, and show them their owner loves them.


About Dr. Susan Dalton and Dr. Daltons Premium Treats

Dr. Susan Dalton grew up surrounded by animals of all kinds – dogs, cats, chickens, snakes, and even salt water fish. After receiving her Ph.D., she worked with troubled adolescents and served as both a university professor and researcher.


Dr. Dalton began training dogs after adopting Cassie, a 10-week old Border Collie who had been rescued from under a car. Cassie was traumatized; fearful and aggressive. When Dr. Dalton consulted various ‘experts’ on how to best rehabilitate Cassie, all of the trainers she spoke with labeled the pup unworkable – a hopeless case.

Susan began reading everything she could about dog training, and personally developed a highly effective dog training program based on positive reinforcement. Using this philosophy, she founded the California School for Dogs Inc. in 2009. Since then, Dr. Dalton has trained hundreds of dogs – specializing in frightened, aggressive and traumatized animals.

With healthy treats a cornerstone of her training program, Dr. Dalton wasn’t satisfied with the dog treat options available to her. She started making her own treats in 2012, using clean and simple ingredients like chicken, beef, and pork. It was her clients who convinced her to make her treats available for purchase. Since then, Dr. Dalton has mastered the creation of a dog treat that is both healthy and doggy-delicious.

All of Dr. Dalton’s Premium Pet treats are sourced, produced, and packaged in the USA They can be purchased at www.DrDaltons.com and come in three flavors – Simply Beef, Simply Chicken and Meat Medley (made from beef, chicken, and pork).

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