Corvallis Man Charged With Animal Neglect

This is not the actual dog depicted


CORVALLIS —  29-year-old Corvallis man, Mark Weber was arrested after ­police found his dog suffering from open and bleeding sores and severe hair loss.

The white Staffordshire ­terrier was unable to stand and police immediately brought the dog to a veterinary hospital. In addition to the hairloss and sores, the hospital reported that the dog’s temperature was 4 degrees or 5 degrees below normal. The dog has been euthanized.

Corvallis police Lt. Dan Duncan said the suspect told officers that the dog had not been to a veterinarian in years, and he knew it had health problems.

Alth0ugh a diagnosis  has not been released by the hospital, the description of the condition of the dog sounds like a text book case of advanced Mange, which untreated is a slow and tortuous death. One of our readers has suggested it may be food allergies or something else. Whatever it may have been, it is obvious this dog suffered greatly over a long period of time.  If your dog shows signs of hairloss and sores, please get medical attention quickly and do not allow it to progress and foster.

source: Associated Press